I chickened out, parmigiana style

“The watch you’re wearin’, I’ll buy it
The house I live in, I’ve bought it
The car I’m driving, I’ve bought it
I depend on me, I depend on me.”

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Car problems, kitchen solutions

My inner Beyonce would love to stay and chat but unfortunately, her car broke down. This queen did what every sane person would do: turn it off and on again. Just so you know: a car is not a laptop. A reboot just isn’t the same. So there I was, with no other option than the last resort: reading the manual. Thirty-five pages and just as many sighs later it became very clear. Something inexplicably bad happened. And when something bad happens, this one calls in *le dad*. Always in for a bribe that includes tomatoes and the gooeyness of cheese. Salvation was near, and the ingredients for a hearty parmigiana were waiting in the fridge.

Nothing Chicken Parm can’t fix

By the time I heated the oven, my car was up and running. Turns out I put the car key upside down. Starsky and Hutch probably did that all the time. I did finish the chicken parm. Blasting Destiny’s Child through the kitchen, of course. I put in more cheese than the original recipe called for. Because when sorrow comes, always add cheese.

More cheese.


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