I wish I was full of tacos instead of emotions

Tomorrow is going to be a great day. Why, you ask? Because it’s going to be summer. You know where it’s already summer? In my head. And in frozen Margaritas.

Summer is calling

The object of my desire, from here on adressed as el boyfriend, is planning his summer vacation. At this point, I’m surprised I already know where I’m going (Portugal) and who I’m going with (my 2 best friends). El boyfriend, however, doesn’t do things by halves. As of now, his hotels are booked, his day trips are planned and most importantly, a detailed map of burger joints has been designed. He will be road tripping from Seattle to Los Angeles, soaking up some American sunshine and making us all jealous. The least he can do is have some tacos while on it. I know the perfect place.

Belgium vs. California

Last week I finally got to try out Mexican restaurant La Cucaracha in Leuven. We decided to skip the appetizers and go straight to main course. Capital mistake. Everyone was ordering nachos first and everyone was right. Forgive me Jesús, for I have sinned. Don’t be that person. Go for seconds. Order half a jar of margarita and take the nachos for Christ’s sake. Sit back, relax and order beef tacos afterwards. Don’t you dare not finish your plate.

If there is one certainty, it’s that Mexican makes me crave more Mexican. So here I am, drooling over a six months old picture of fish tacos and chile relleno. When you’re in the Santa Monica / Marina del Rey area, don’t drive past Taqueria Chihuahua. No frills, all fills at this small counter-service eatery. Fancy some salsa? No hay problema, the counter hosts a salsa bar that makes your hips swing with happiness.

Tienes hambre?

To have a bite in Belgium, visit La Cucaracha, Tiensestraat 21, Leuven. More at La Cucaracha on Facebook.
To look for a reason to visit California,  check out Taqueria Chihuahua, 505 W Washington Blvd, Marina Del Rey. More at the Taqueria webpage.


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  1. Rice N Dine says:

    Those tacos look so yummy! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Pauline says:

      They are! Move over beaches and boardwalks, this is the real reason to visit Venice. 😁


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