Time fries

Three years. Three months. Not more than a couple of days. That’s how long it’s been since I signed the lease on a tiny little attic apartment in big bold Brussels. My soon to be home didn’t have central heating but it did have zebra printed bathroom walls so that was that. Moreover, it was the only place I’d seen that was both affordable and not a treat to public health. The fact that I didn’t need to crawl over the toilet to take a shower like the previous one I’d visited was all the more reason for a happy dance. Three years after unpacking too many boxes with too much stuff, I’m packing up even more stuff and had to go buy more boxes. I’m leaving.

I am moving back home. Literally, because I’m moving into the house I grew up in, my presence proven by the pencil childish drawings on the kitchen wall and the many scratches in the hallway. “Don’t speed on your toy car” clearly didn’t have the desired effect. My family moved out a while ago and since I’m moving closer to home again I get a new shot at drawing on the wall. My artistic skills haven’t really improved since then so I think I’ll restrain from trying.

It’s going to be a few months until the house is ready but I went to take a look. There’s some renovating to do but the oven still works and really, what else do you need. I admit it, leaving Brussels causes a bit of melancholy and, given the many times I overcooked spaghetti lately, a little stress as well. But right when I start questioning every decision (from adding more flour to cupcake batter to ending the lease on my apartment), something makes me stop. Something with fries. Every year in the oldest city of Belgium, a one week fair hosts *Frituur Vanseer*, a place to get french fries on the go. I’ve been having fries there for 28 years in a row, and this is going to be the 29th. The frituur is located right outside our former house when the fair takes place and now there it is again. Fair week was the greatest week in the history of our childhood: we got to eat fries for dinner – TWICE. As soon as the familiar smell hit me nostrils the indecisiveness disappeared. I’m back. Now let’s get fries to celebrate!


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