Cooking by numbers


1243, also known as the juicy hamburger with oak lef lettuce, prosciutto and seasoned potato wedges. 908, alias the caesar salad with dressing. 774, a.k.a. the autumn pâté with pumpkin chutney. 3, the number of times I felt guilty when eating at the office cafetaria this week. I’m only there 3 times a week so if this was bowling it would be called a strike. In my defense, I didn’t eat the hamburger. I took the carpaccio instead. It was 458 calories and let’s be honest, it doesn’t happen often that red, raw meat is the healthier choice.

The new catering policies are the talk of our office. The cafetaria’s daily menu is the most consulted item on our office’s internal website and rightly so. It used to be the source of some serious drooling. It was best to check it at 10am so you could spend the next 2 hours contemplating your delicious choice. Ever since the calories are being listed, the menu gives way to a massive inner conflict. Healthy or wholesome? Healthy ànd wholesome? Heavy yet full of taste? It’s best to restrain yourself from checking at 10am so you can enter the cafetaria in a state of blissful ignorance.  Pacing up and down the buffet in utter indecisiveness must burn some calories, am I right?

Nevertheless, the new catering strategy deserves some recognition. It makes me cook healthier at home. More vegetables, more fish, more fresh ingredients, that sort of thing. Based on the number of thank you’s I got from my boyfriend, I take it he still has enough energy to talk to me and isn’t threatened by starvation just yet. If anyone else is interested in making a drool-worthy instagram picture, I listed the recipes below. I promise you the taste is to your mouth as the picture is to your eyes. I haven’t counted the calories but I’m sure it’s less than the hamburger previously mentioned. Enjoy, I’m off. I’m going to check next week’s menu on the website.


Cauliflower mash with black pepper shrimps and stewed rocket salad:
  • Cook the cauliflower until tender. Bake in the pot with olive oil and mash to a consistency that you can live with. If you’re not too greedy on the carbs, butter might help. Add the shrimps, go crazy with the black pepper and  grant yourself some luxury by adding truffle oil to your mash.
  • Stew the rocket salad. It takes a whole bag for two people but it’s worth it.
  • Put the rocket salad on your plate first, cover with the mash in a way that looks esthetically responsible and decorate with the rest of the shrimps. Dig in.

Oven baked salmon filet with vine tomatoes and olives:


  • Combine vinetomatoes and olives of your choice with salt, pepper, olive oil andbalsamic vinegar in a roasting pan. Put in a hot oven until tender.
  • Season the salmon with thyme and put on top of the vegetables. Roast until done. Eat. Enjoy.

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