Looking for some hot stuff

Unlike Donna Summer in 1980, I’m not asking for a warm blooded lover. I have fallen for something even more satisfying. I’m talking about proper hot stuff that seeps into your soul or at least into your vascular system. His name is Toddy and he’s hot.

When I came into the office this morning, it felt like Narnia before spring came back. Or like the pass of Caradhras if you’re more into Lord of the Rings references. Or like a soulless guard of Azkaban was present in case you’re a Potterhead, that’s the best I can do. After checking the drawers for white witches and dementors of any kind,  I figured a failing heating system might play a bigger role in this part of the universe. I was right. Sort of disappointed, nonetheless,  because no Minister of Magic would show up to try and fix these muggle troubles. Luckily, a plumber did. By the time he arrived, however, my body temperature had reached the point of no return. I’m more of a spring type, and this winter thing is hitting hard.

When I came home from work  my first thought was hot chocolate. My second thought was, it’s Monday. Monday calls for the liquor cabinet. There’s still some bourbon left from my last trip to the US. What else cures a winter low than the memories of sunny California.

So, here comes toddy. Bourbon is the key ingredient, but there’s more to get you going. The freshly squeezed orange and lemon juice  will certainly provide some vitamin C.  Cinnamon, I’ve been told, lowers blood sugar levels, reducess heart disease risk factors, and has a plethora of other impressive health benefits. Who am I to argue with Google M.D. Honey used to be the go-to medicine my grandmother used when we came home coughing. I’m sure bourbon must be good for something too. And even if it’s not, it makes this hot toddy taste like happy hour and lazy sunday made a baby.

So, here’s some hot stuff to keep you warm: orange juice hot toddy’s . 


60 ml bourbon
1 tbsp runny honey
15 ml fresh orange juice
30 fresh lemon juice
1 cinnamon stick
1 orange slice (with cloves for extra Christmas feels)
120 ml hot water

In a warm glass, add the following:

Bourbon – juices – honey – cinammon stick – cloved orange slice – hot water. Stirred, not shaken ;).  Get your blanket. Jump on the couch. Don’t jump too hard or hot toddy turns into hot body. Enjoy!


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