Eggxactly what you’re looking for

I’ve had a lot on my plate these past days. Figuratively really, since my fridge has been nearly empty for just as long. I didn’t really bother to go grocery shopping and instead cleaned out the fridge and (parts of) the kitchen pantry. I never saw myself as a hoarder but it turns out I am. In case a snowstorm will hit this May (it’s Belgium, anything is possible) we can survive for weeks. If we don’t pay too much attention to package labels, that is. I trust my nose more than I trust expiration dates on milk cartons, usually.

Something I learned while on this adventure is that you can get tired of cream cheese and bread rolls. Who would have thought. Something else I discovered is that even when you’re down to withered spring onion and some left behind vegetables, you can still make a gourmet meal. I don’t want to get too biblical on you readers, but what Jesus did to bread and fish you can do to eggs. It’s amazing what you can do with your pantry. You might have some forgotten tomatoes lying around in your fridge. Once you’ve tried the recipe below, you’ll be glad you still had them.

While on your empty fridge mission, Google is your best friend. Type in any ingredients you have left (skip ‘moldy cream cheese’ though, food safety and all) in the search box and add ‘recipe’. That’s how I came up with a million different variations of the recipe below. I tweaked it a bit, but it’s basically scrambled eggs with tomato served with rice. Anyone familiar with Chinese take-out in Belgium has had a version of it at some point. It’s usually the one dish that’s left over at the end of a food fest, but the take-out version got nothing on this homemade version. Bonus: it’s quick. I had some left over brown rice so it literally took me only minutes. Because after a busy day you want to get to the couch as soon as possible, right? Pictures include dinosaurs because, well, just because.

Chinese inspired tomatoes and egg

Ingredients for 1 (hungry) person
2 eggs
2 chopped up tomatoes (I didn’t deseed or peel them)
a dash  (1/2 tsp) of oyster sauce if you’re into that
salt and pepper
chopped spring onion
stir-fry oil
some rice if you like

Beat the eggs and add a the oyster sauce. Beat well, it’s basically stress relieve.
Put the oil in a pan (stir-fry or any other) and heat up properly.
Add the eggs and scramble them. Remove when finished.
Add a bit more oil to the pan and stir in half the spring onion, white parts if you have them. Green parts work too but they don’t look as pretty (who needs pretty?).
Add the tomatoes, salt and pepper and stir it up like Bob Marley.
When tomatoes are done (I like them cooked through), transfer the eggs back in the pan and give everything a good final scramble.
Serve with rice. Finish with the rest of the spring onion.


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